Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sick Kids, Presentations and Insomnia - OH MY!

I'll address these issues in the order in which I listed them..........

Sick kids: So much for the adenoid removal. AM is sick AGAIN. Double ear infection and a sinus infection. He's obviously on the road to recovery, though, since I'm up (or, more accurately, out of bed) at 5-something in the morning giving him a breathing treatment.

Scary side note: the pharmacy mixed his antibiotic wrong and he ended up getting nearly a triple dose of it the first two times I gave it to him. I was NOT a happy mama bear.

Presentations: Two today. They will be my third and fourth of the week. I am the "administrator" of a new internet-based program our IT guy created and in charge of training. Usually the account reps handle it (this is the "basic" training), but these are our "big" accounts and they want me to do it.

The fact that these are some of our "big" accounts does not a calm heart make.

I'm confident that I can handle it, but still nervous. MotH keeps telling me "they are just people" and that's true.

If only I had something to wear that made me look professional and helped give me a little confidence boost.

Isn't that silly? I know clothes don't "make" the girl, but they sure do help.....ya know? It's hard to feel confident when you feel like a slump.

Yes, I had a baby. They don't know that. Whatever "magic" pregnancy weaved on my poor body has left me with this lump of dough stuck to my abdomen that would make the Dough Boy jealous (if anyone pokes it, I will not be held responsible for how I react. Nor will I giggle.).

Lump of dough = clothing that does not fit. I want a suit, but canNOT find a jacket that fastens without it making me look like a linebacker in the shoulder area and a stuffed sausage in the belly.

Sexxxxxxxay! (For the record, I don't want to be sexy........but I do not want to be a libido killer.)

Insomnia: this one is what brings me to my knees. I HAVE to have eight hours of sleep. Not seven. Not seven hours and forty-five minutes. Eight.

Insomnia means (duh) that I don't get eight. To be exact, I dozed for about two hours last night.

I have been on antibiotics for several weeks to try and get rid of a sinus infection and apparently this new one causes insomnia. I had a bottle of ambien left from the last anti that gave me insomnia, but I ran out. Night before last. So there was nothing for last night.

See the problem here? Sick kid (worry) + presentation and lack of confidence-boosting clothing (stress) + insomnia (insanity) = heck, I don't know but it's not pretty.

Thank heavens for albuterol, girdles and coffee.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

worry + Stress + insanity =WOMAN. It is a scientific fact! You are just equivilent to 51% of the earths population.

I hope the presentations went well today.


Imperfect Mom said...

Other than the computer program that totally crashed and burned during one of my presentations, they went brilliantly.

Oh wait. I was demo-ing the program. I guess that means the presentation (one of them) SUCKED!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Was it user error?

That's what the programer's will tell you. You better not tell them about the whole no sleep thing.

By the way, your response was hilarious. Is it leagal in blog land to type that out? I would have a hard time getting back up if I ROFL.