Saturday, March 28, 2009


NR has a terribly inconvenient schedule.

I dare not complain TOO loudly, since he sleeps through the night, but the child is turning us into heathens!

Let me explain.

We go (or, more accurately, went) to the 9:30 a.m. service at church.

I'm am horrified to admit that we haven't been in over a month.

Some of our absenteeism is legit: MotH's grandmother passed and we had to help move her stuff out, sick kids, etc...

However, NR's schedule plays a big part in our missing church.

I seriously don't know how other people do it.

The problem is that NR gets up between 7-7:15'ish each morning. He eats. The longest he'll go between bottles is 2 1/2 hours, which means he's hungry about 15 minutes after service starts. I end up in the nursing mothers room feeding him until the sermon is over.

Staying in the sanctuary and feeding him is NOT an option. He is an incredibly LOUD baby when he's hungry (or when I pause to burp him).

Yes, there is a tv in there. No, you can't hear it and I'm quite awful at reading lips. Plus, I'm rather preoccupied with feeding a baby.

We could go to the 11:00 a.m. service, but he'd be hungry half-way through and we'd go through the same routine.

The church has a nursery, of course, but I'm not quite ready to put him in there yet. Have you seen some of the stuff that comes out of the babies in the church nursery?

The fact that they are there with their rainbow assortment of various bodily fluids is a topic for another day, but they are there.

So, I feel sort of stuck. I find myself thinking "what's the point?". I basically go so I can feed my kid in a small room upstairs. Heck, I can stay home and feed him. I'm not getting anything out of the message, because I'm not THERE for the message.

I haven't even seen our new sanctuary!

Oh, and one more minor issue. I really dislike going to the nursing mothers room. I've ended up in there three times and each time I'm the only bottle-feeding mother in there. I feel like a leper. I'm sure I'm imagining it, but it seems like they look down on me (I'm still rather sensitive about the whole breastfeeding issue).

I feel like an intruder. Maybe I should just stick him under my shirt and sneak him a bottle so I fit in better.

We are going to try and go to the 11am service tomorrow. Wish us luck.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You just made me laugh OUT LOUD with the whole feeling like a leper! I have sooooo been there.

And, yes, some of them probably think that. And, many of them probably don't care. As well they shouldn't. I just hate being judged for my own personal decisions when it comes to raising my OWN family. Oops, I have my own blog to rant on, don't I?

Just act confident and hopefully they won't give the bottle a glance. Hey, I said, hopefully...

As far as the time thing, this too shall pass. Spring is here (or, is it?) and pretty soon the babies in the nursery will be mostly germ free. I suggest trying it in May. I know that is easy for me to say, but I bet the both of you will be more than ready to give it a try then.

This is a challenging time that seems to last FOREVER. Next thing you know, you blink your eyes and it is over.

Good luck tomorrow!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Imperfect Mom said...

It's funny, and more than a little ironic, that the same Christian women that would come alongside a new family/new Christian and be gentle and loving.......

.......will shoot a scathing look at a fellow Christian mother that DARES to bottle feed her baby.

The thought went through my head more than once that if I was a visitor to the church, and went to feed my baby, I would be VERY turned off. That's sad, because we actually have a very friendly, warm church.

mommy4life said...

I personally hated that phase where I was in the Mother's room ALL THE TIME!! I remember thinking I could stay home and watch a service on TV and get more out of it!

This nursing mom doesn't look down on bottle-feeding moms. I always felt awkward nursing in public and felt like everyone was repulsed. I think part of being a mom is being self-conscious, no matter what our decision is.

And now I am going to say something that used to make me cringe....."It's a phase". (or a "season"). It seems like it's been forever since I've been stuck in the Mother's room and it's really only been a year. Know that even if you miss a lot of services for 3 or 4 months, you WILL go to church again, eventually...