Monday, December 15, 2008

Craftiness out of necessity........or maybe just because I'm cheap

I was born into a crafty family. Whether out of need (due to lack of money) or desire, my mother spent a tremendous amount of time sewing and exploring various crafting opportunities. Once a year we would go to a huge craft show and my mother would decide what she would be making for people for Christmas that year. And she'd make it.

She sewed countless outfits, including all of my formal dresses.

Somewhere along the way, she decided I needed to learn how to sew. Initially she tried to teach me, but it became apparent that I'd inherited my father's patience (in that he doesn't have much) more than her skill behind a Singer.

Her next plan of attack was to have me take a sewing class in school. I guess she figured the threat of ending up in the principal's office would keep me from sassing my teacher the way I sassed her when she tried to teach me.

Fast forward 20 years (ack!). While I didn't inherit her sewing prowess (it comes easily to her...not so much for me), I did inherit her petulance for looking at something and being too cheap to buy it when I know I can make it myself.

That is why I am now in the middle of a sewing project of my own.

I have been going to a breast feeding support group ("hi, my name is Lesley and I'm a breast feeder") and noticed that a lot of the mom's had these nifty little nursing cover-ups. Since I am TOTALLY inept when it comes to breast feeding and trying to cover myself with a blanket, I decided I HAD to have one too.

I went to the breast feeding store and they were $35. THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS. For what is essentially a square of fabric with a loop around the neck.

I just couldn't make myself drop the cash (or debit card) and then the thought occurred to me: I could make that.

I Googled for nursing cover-ups (a.k.a. "Hooter Hiders") and in no time found directions for making my own. I am now 3/4 of the way through making one of my very own.

My mother will be so proud.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Sleep Glorious Sleep

I've seen enough of you blog about sleep or potty training to know that I'm about to jinx myself.

So I'll whisper. Maybe Murphy (of the Law) won't hear me if I whisper.

*nr has let me sleep at night the last five out of six nights*

No, he's not sleeping all night (I don't expect him to), but he's sleeping AT night. While it's dark. I'm in my bed. He's in his. I'M HORIZONTAL!!!

Cue angelic chorus.

Friday night was the exception. He had me up until 4am. Otherwise, he's done great.

I would love to take credit. Claim it's the super-snug swaddle I put him in. Swear it's keeping him up in the late afternoons (though I was already doing that).

The truth is that God heard the pleadings of a desperate woman and granted me a respite. If that hasn't worked for you, I am sorry. Perhaps I "do" pitiful more convincingly.

Life is so much easier to cope with when I've had a little sleep (right now it's between 5-6 hours a night).

My mood is so improved that AM told me I was the "best mom" this weekend. He hasn't said that in a while. Actually he said "I'm a really lucky guy because I have a mom that loves me enough to make sure I have good socks". I'll take it.

After my blissful slumber, we managed to get the tree up (and decorated!). We're doing Christmas-lite this year. I simply don't want to deal with all my decorations. The tree is up and the nativities are out, so I'm happy.

MotH and AM went on a toy-purge spree on Saturday. Once a year, usually just before Christmas, MotH decides it's time to go through our toy cabinet (a.k.a. built-in bookshelves in the family room) and ditch anything that hasn't seen the light of day since the previous year's purge.

This year, he wanted to empty the toy cabinet (no toys in my family room now unless AM brings them from his room) and move everything up to AM's room or down to the basement. Then he tackled AM's closet.

Everything is now organized in Rubbermaid containers. And, I'm embarrassed to admit this, we threw away an ASTOUNDING number of Happy Meal toys. I'm talking trash bags full. Frightening.

Breastfeeding is going better, although I'm still in pain. Breastfeeding is JUST like pregnancy. Magical one minute, a burden the next.

All in all, a fabulous weekend (shocking how much my disposition improves with slumber!).