Sunday, October 05, 2008

Old Friends

Except, you know, they aren't old. Because then I would be old. We can't have that. "Former" friends doesn't sound quite right either. That suggests something happened that made them "former". How about "retro" friends? I sort of like that, since the music from our generation is now considered why shouldn't we be?

My highschool graduating class broke the mold with our ten-year reunion. It was an eleven-year reunion, lol. Someone dropped the ball on the planning and it was delayed a year.

Keeping with tradition, there was a somewhat informal sixteen-year reunion this weekend and just like the last one, I missed it (no way was I dragging my large self down there). I have to admit that part of me just wasn't ready to face a reunion without my best friend there, but mostly it was due to my growing girth and it's accompanying discomforts.

So I didn't go. Enter Facebook.

Over the past week or so, I've connected with a number of my retro friends. One of them went to the reunion last night and posted a bunch of pictures.

Oh. my. goodness! How is it possible for people to look exactly the same, yet different? There were only two or three people I couldn't identify (and they may have been spouses), but I saw people I haven't seen since we walked across the stage and flipped our tassels!

I saw pictures of people I got along with. People I didn't. AND a picture of a friend I tried to track down a couple of years ago and couldn't find. I found her!

In fact, she's on Facebook and I'm nervously waiting to see if she'll accept my friend request. A friend request is sort of the cyber equivalent of the "Do you like me, check yes or no" we passed in middle school.

Of course now I wish I had gone to the reunion, but I have delusions of being fit and fabulous in time for our 21st reunion and I'll go then :).

No, the fact that I haven't been fit nor fabulous SINCE graduation hasn't escaped my notice, thankyouverymuch.

Go Spartans!

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