Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Feel Like (No) Dinner Tonight

I do not want to make dinner.

Not in a casual "I don't feel like it"-way. No, this is a "if I have to make dinner, I will be unreasonably rage-filled"-thing.

I feel the same way about the dishes that need to be done (yet will feel guilty if MotH ends up doing them........I'm such a living contradiction). I'd rather take them systematically into the street and smash them. That way I don't have to sweep up the mess.

The only thing that prevents this is the knowledge that I would then need to go to WalFart and buy more dishes. That place stinks.

Yes, I know I'm grumpy and no fun to be around. Live with it. I don't get a vacation from pregnancy hormones or discomforts and tonight, neither do you. Dealing with me is YOUR burden to bear (and by "your", I mean those trapped in the house with me).

It's not in the budget right now to go out (or bring in) and that really ticks me off.

Note to MotH and AM: eat PB&J. Or don't. Don't whine if you're hungry because I just presented you with your dinner options.


Chaos-Jamie said...

oh, sister, I feel your pain.

What's wrong with a stinking apple???? If it is okay with me to only eat an apple for supper, why can't you deal with it? (you being my shorties, not YOU, you.)

Nurse Boy said...

Wal*Fart? I think China is going to be experiencing a shortage of hormones, and subsequent price hike, because you are using them all up here in America. One thing that I would suggest to MoTH is to take AM to Wal*Fart and get a 50 pack of paper plates, plastic silverware, and some plastic cups for the next 25 days. We've got a mama over here who might blow is she sees another stinking dish! By the way, MoTH has to take AM with him because he may not be safe alone with you right now.

Nurse Boy said...

I am so sorry! I remember being where you are at! We ate a lot of take out while the count down was on. And, Nurse Boy should NOT be messing with you. He used to know better. I think he tried to stay late at work leading up to the due date. He always mumbled something about projects and responsabilities...whatever!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Imperfect Mom said...

He feels safe poking at me. It's probably safe to assume he's saying to me what he THOUGHT.......but dared not you.

MotH just retreats to the garage. He knows I won't go hang out down there, so it's his safe zone.

For the record, nobody starved. I sent MotH to Aldi for hotdogs and buns and we had chili dogs. Can't be any worse than McD's (which happens to be in the WalFart parking lot).