Monday, October 13, 2008

End of the tunnel

I suppose I can see a light. It's dim. Far away. Still, I see it.

No, not of the end of the pregnancy. The end of "THE SHOTS". I got one today and my last one is next week.

Not a minute to soon.

I'm too tired to be funny. Witty is far beyond my abilities right now. I'm wondering if I can talk MotH into brushing my teeth for me.

Have I mentioned how I hate these things?

The side-effects seem to be ramping up, not reducing. Makes it hard to get stuff done.

MotH keeps harping on me to get my bag packed. Isn't it enough that I've bought most of the stuff to pack?

No, apparently it's not. I think he's afraid he'll be forced to find my breast pads and bring the bag to the hospital for me. You know, because someone might think HE'S breastfeeding. *rolling eyes*

Of course after some of the clothing he bought me when I was in the hospital last time, I should be the one afraid. I ask you, how many pairs of biking shorts does a pregnant woman need?

The nursery letters are still sitting on my dining room table (recently relocated back to the dining room from the kitchen table). I got them repainted (turns out there was no black in the nursery bedding, so I had to do an emergency re-paint). They still need brackets attached to the back before MotH can hang them.

I figure he won't be in his room right away, so I've got some time.

Okay, I just ran out of what little steam I still had. So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen, adieu (yes, I had to look it up).



Nurse Boy said...

Wow! The countdown is on!!! Loved the biking shorts should NEVER be allowed to pack our bags. Nurse Boy was always worried that I wouldn't pack snacks for him. I was the one who was going to be in labor for an entire day while the nurses would only offer me ice chips (YUM!) and he was worried about HIS snacks. How mcuh energy does it take to sit and watch TV, I ask?

Mrs Nurse Boy

Imperfect Mom said...

He should consider himself a lucky man that you gave him a snack (I'm assuming you did). When they moved me to a different room (back when I was pregnant with AM), it took the nurse TWO trips with the cart to move all my food.

The told me that desperate looking men actually followed them down the hall hoping for a handout.

Apparently starving your labor partner is a common occurrence. I mean really, who can be bothered to worry about trail mix when they're getting ready to deliver a baby.

Nurse Boy said...

I know that what we do that day, month, or even year can't compare to what you guys do on that day. I know that we could never compete with your awesomeness, and we are weak little bugs on that day. But, can't you spare a few little gold fish crackers for a brotha. That day is no picnic for the man. What we see that day could ruin all that we hold dear for the rest of our lives. Could we please get a little comfort food!

Imperfect Mom said...

A few goldfish? Yes, I suppose I could do that. Assuming I had goldfish and it wasn't going to require a trip to the store just to buy some cheddar fishes.

I probably have a sleeve of saltines or some cereal I could put in a baggie.

Although from what I hear, it's now "en vogue" to have a fairly well-stocked snack room on the maternity floor for the dads.

Oh, and I hear we (the laboring mothers) are now allowed to have JELLO! That's right. Jello. I'm looking forward to it.

Nurse Boy said...

WHAT?!?!?!?! You get to have jello?! That is so much tastier than ICE CHIPS!!!!! I'm so jealous.

Mrs. Nurse Boy