Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christmas Music


No, I mean it. Seriously?!

According to a local station's website, they have started their 24/7 Christmas music.

Is it not October 15? Halloween hasn't even happened yet, let alone Thanksgiving (I won't listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving. I have standards.).

However, I am married to a "Christmas should be celebrated 365 days a year"-man. I've found Christmas cd's in the car stereo in JUNE. He's warped. Anyway, he's thrilled that it's started already.

I heard yesterday that retailers are trying to get a jump on Christmas shoppers since the economy is doing a belly flop (I was going to say "swan dive", but it hasn't been nearly that graceful). Many, including Hell........and by "Hell" I mean Walmart......have reduced some items to "Black Friday" prices already.

Which begs the question: what do they plan to do ON Black Friday. Seems a little anticlimactic to me. Not that I'll be shopping this year.

Hobby Lobby has had their Christmas stuff out for at LEAST a month. I noticed that Target has theirs out too.

Yet despite the efforts of the radio station and various retailers, time still isn't going any faster. Yes, all roads (blog posts?) lead back to pregnancy.

Speaking of pregnancy, do any of my (two) readers have any "must have" ideas for the hospital bag. MotH told me I had to do it this weekend. He's a bossy one.


Nurse Boy said...

Lets see...
Some relaxing music.
A light hearted DVD.
Loose comfy clothes for you both.
Your favorite slippers.
Your favorite pillow.
A good nursing BRA if that is what your doing. A good supportive BRA if not.
A cute outfit for the over priced picture of you new baby rasin.
A cute warm outfit for baby on the ride home.
Your own shampoo, toothpaste, and a brush.(the hospital's is substandard)
Camera and or viedo camera.
And did I mention some snacks?

Imperfect Mom said...

That's a good list! Thanks.

One question, though. Should I pack some snacks :P ?

I was going to download some newer Christian songs I like to play in the room, but I keep forgetting. I should add that to my list of things to do this weekend.

Oh, and why do I have to pack clothing for MotH? Will he be getting undressed?

Nurse Boy said...

He may become incontinent depending on how hard you squeeze his hand. Also, they provide a crack mattress for him to crash on in the corner if he wants to stay the night. He may then want to change clothes in the morning. If he is going home then you can just pack more snacks. In case you don't know, a crack mattress is a thin inadequate mattress that you can find in your neighborhood crack house for the addicts to crash on. You can also find those mattresses in your local hospital. They fit on the fold out chair. The bar in the middle of the back requires that the person using this contraption must remove the mattress and sleep on the floor like the dog they are. It is punishment for getting you in your condition.

Imperfect Mom said...

The crack mattress seems fair, considering why we're there.

I'll have to ask him if he'd like more snacks or clean drawers.

If he wets his pants (I'm pretty strong), then he'll just get to experience how humbling birth is. He's still claiming to be "hormonal" (primarily when I mention the floors need to be vacuumed), so I suppose we'll tell people his water broke.

mommy4life said...

Music, chocolate, earplugs, nightgown or pajamas (because those hospital gowns are not comfortable or decent with those slits in front...), lotion, chapstick, change for snack machine if you hate the hospital food, a do not disturb sign.....

I'm sure there is plenty else I am forgetting...(this is all in addition to Mrs. Nurse Boy's list.)

Nurse Boy said...

Ummm, That was Mr. Nurse Boy's list! I didn't even consult Mrs. Nurse Boy to come up with that list(insert huffy sigh)! I'm a little ashamed that I have been more involved in the packing process for IM than I was for any of our three. Mrs. Nurseboy has not said anything yet, but I know what she is thinking. She is probably right. I was involved in the snack suggestions with our second and third though.