Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stay away. Far, far away.

Our home is quickly dissolving into a quarantine ward.

So now AM is sick too. I assume he has the same plague I have, but I was blessed with a child that (in the words of his pediatrician) has an extremely high tolerance for pain and discomfort. She bases this on a recent HORRIBLE ear infection he had that wasn't bothering him in the least (I thought the copious amount of thick, green stuff coming from his nose was sinus related.....who knew? He, of course, insisted he felt "fine").

At any rate, I'm thinking they broke that part of his brain when he was in the NICU. However, this particular ability to block out pain evidently extends only to illness. If there is something even slightly funny about his sock, the whole world comes to a halt until it's fixed.

Anyway, the benefit of an older child is that they are supposed to be able to "tell" you when something is wrong. All of the guessing that gives a mom gray hair in the early years gives way to the relief of a child that can clearly state what ails them.

Except when they don't.

He had a runny nose all morning and was sneezing (though he hasn't done that for a while). He's congested. Low-grade fever. When I ask him what doesn't feel good, he says "nothing on my whole body feels bad".

Well golly, that's helpful.

So I have to assume he has whatever I have, but that it took him nearly a week to get it from me (MotH is, thus far, healthy). I certainly hope he doesn't stay sick as long as I do. He does have the benefit of keeping all of his germ fighting cells to himself, rather then having to donate a large part of them to a growing person, so I have my fingers crossed that he'll be well soon.

Or course I'm not sure how I'll know when he's well, since he doesn't feel sick now.

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