Monday, August 18, 2008

Random musings

AM came home with "homework".

Apparently, he has to take a bug to school tomorrow.

Do you suppose the ants in my kitchen will work? I'd certainly LOVE to send them someplace else. I don't know why they are there (MotH's "theory" is that they have invaded due to the wet year we've had). I just want them gone. Perhaps they can go to school with AM tomorrow.

Hopefully they won't make him bring them back home.

Is it bad that I've now had TWO onion bagels with cheese? Since bringing AM home approximately 45 minutes ago? Bottomless pit doesn't really do me justice right now.

While on the subject of too much food, AM asked me where I got my shot this morning (he finds it amusing that I get them in the hiney.....or just slightly north of the hiney). I told him and said "it didn't hurt at all".

"That's because your bottom is so big, mom".

Budomp bum.

Laugh a minute, that kid. MotH loves it because AM says ALL the thing I KNOW he's thinking, but could never get away with verbalizing........and living another day.

I was also asked, on the way home, how babies come out. After sharing with me HIS thoughts (which closely follow the "hiney" topic we began with), he asked ME to explain.

Isn't he supposed to ask his dad that question? Then they're supposed to go fishing and have some sort of man-to-small-man discussion. Like someplace far, far away from me.

I explained that God made girls different then boys and that they have a special "part" that allows them to have babies. I then told him that was as much information as he's getting for now, lol.

I'm certain that makes me a failure on some level. It will be my burden to bear.

Of course I should be grateful he asked me in the car. It wasn't all that long ago that he suddenly, and rather loudly, asked me to explain exactly HOW mom's feed babies milk from their bodies. Where does it come home? How does the baby get it?

Did I mention that was in the middle of the shoe department at KMart?

Yep, nothin' like a kid to make you humble.


Nurse Boy said...

My Mom says that we asked all of the "important" questions while driving down the road. On a long trip. When we were all stuck in the car. In the middle of no where. No distractions. At least we were in the backseat and we couldn't see my poor father's VERY RED face. We did hear the long pauses though...

Kmart is even better!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Imperfect Mom said...

AM and I have MANY "big" conversations in the car (usually between home and school). Topics range from "how do babies come out" to "what is the Holy Spirit"? He keeps me on my toes.

Oh, and we are now the proud owner of a centipede, two crickets, a "callerpitter" and roly-poly. I wonder if they get extra credit for more then one bug?

Unfortunately, we also discovered the cat playing with a termite, so I see a termite guy in my near future.

Nurse Boy said...

Wow! That might end up being one VERY expensive homework assignment!

Here's hoping it isn't!
Mrs. Nurse Boy