Friday, August 08, 2008


Probably the closest I'll ever get to China is currently on my tv.

Now, that's nothing new. However, I'm still sitting here weepy over the opening ceremony.

Really, it has nothing to with the little-adoption-that-could.

It has more to do with the freak show. That is to say, ME!

I'm grateful that AM's buddy is the "eldest" of four. He's well versed in crazy, pregnancy hormones.

(So far they've barely noticed I'm alive, let alone weepy over THE STINKIN' OPENING CEREMONY.)

I will probably bawl like a baby (or like someone bakin' a baby) when the US team comes in. Again, not sure why (although I tend to get weepy over anything remotely patriotic). In fact, I've had more personal ties to past US Teams when my uncle was a coach.

But I wasn't pregnant then. All bets are off now.

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Chaos-Jamie said...

I bawled through the whole opening ceremony. And I'm not pregnant.

The excuse I'm using is that the summer Olympics were on when we got Eldest. We spent our waiting period in front of the tv back in the boonies of Arkansas. And he's getting so big. And we will probably never get another that way. And I'm so blessed. Sniff.

And the Olympics just do that to me for some reason.