Tuesday, August 19, 2008

!! LOL !!

Did anyone happen to notice the post from Hy-vee's customer service under my cereal post?

Now, I'm going to assume that neither Chaos nor Nurse Boy decided to mess with me. I'm still hormonal, you know (MotH is too, thanks for asking).

If it IS true, I am d-y-i-n-g at the idea that Hy-vee has a customer service person that spends the day Googling their name looking for negative blog entries, lol!

Okay. I gotta fess up. I, uh, found the marshmallows. I had the box poised for a end-zone worthy spike into the waste receptacle when MotH interceded and suggested he take a look. He pulled out the inner bag.

There, in the bottom, were all the marshmallows. Starting about three inches from the bottom, the cereal was marshmallow-free, but they were there. As bottom dwellers.

However, I ask you this: is it natural for a marshmallow, something that is virtually puffed, sugar air, to sink to the bottom? It is lighter then the accompanying cereal, is it not? Didn't the marshmallows defy the very laws of gravity by sinking to the bottom?

Can I be blamed for thinking there were NO marshmallows when, after pouring a bowl AND peering into the box, I saw none?

I didn't think so.

So Hy-vee, you can rest easy that your Treasures did, indeed, contain the "treasure". However, to prevent this sort of problem in the future, the manufacturing process should be reviewed.


Nurse Boy said...

I just called Nurse Boy to make sure the comment wasn't him. He promised me that he had nothing to do with it! That is so funny! Maybe we should start plugging some of our favorite items on the blogs. I am always up for something free!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Imperfect Mom said...

Chaos is suspiciously quiet.

MotH did make an excellent point. He suggested I call the 800 (or rather, the 888) number and not complain about the cereal......but about the disgusting condition of the bathrooms at our Hy-vee. Seriously, every time I've been in there it's been disgusting.

And I've seen my fair share of bathrooms in the last few months.