Sunday, August 17, 2008


School starts in exactly 10 hours!

I'm okay with the fact that school is starting (unlike the "ugly cry" when he started kindergarten). AM is excited, so I'm excited for him.

I've got all the crayons, pencils and markers initialed (sorry, but with a class size I can count on one hand, I'm not writing his full name on everything). Kleenex and paper plates purchased. Backpack bulging at the seams with folders. New school clothes waiting to be picked up at the store (please, please, please let them fit since he'll be outta luck in the morning if they don't!).

I had a little moment of rebellion when it came to paints (Prang, Oval or Bradley only, please) and bought Crayola brand. Then today, while cleaning out a closet, I found his school supplies from two years ago with a completely UNUSED thing of Prang water colors. So I rebelled, but nobody will know about it.

I'm ready. He's ready. All is well.

Plus, I am really, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y hoping that once we are back in the "swing" of things, time will start to hustle along a little faster. Not permanently (I know to be careful what I wish for), but at least until November.

MotH got new stairs installed from our house down to the garage yesterday. The previous stairs stuck out into the garage and needed to be shortened in order for us to close in those stairs and the stairs to the basement, thus creating a "hallway" by which to go downstairs.

This is necessary for two reasons:
1 - the cat's box is currently in what will be the baby's room and the only other place to put it is in the basement. Since he can't open doors, and since he'd get into all colors of mischief in the garage, we will be installing a pet door and he'll be able to go downstairs safely.

2 - the basement is supposed to be AM's "safe zone". His only source of anxiety with the new baby is the fact that the baby will cry. AM's doesn't "do" crying very well. It's a sensory thing (he also doesn't do loud gymnasium sounds well, or screaming kids, or whining kids, etc.......though oddly enough it doesn't keep HIM from being loud, screaming or whining). Anyway, the basement is going to be someplace he can go play if he feels he needs to get away, plus it gives he and MotH a place to set up their model train (currently it only comes out at Christmas)

So we have new stairs and will soon have a new hallway. It's fabulous to be married to a handy-man!

There was one, little thing we didn't get accomplished this weekend. I really wanted to go through the baby stuff we have (much of it I haven't seen in roughly seven years.) to see what I do and don't need to register for. Since sis and I are going Thursday to register, time is a'tickin'. Hopefully some night this week.

Oh and while I'm on the subject, if anyone has a "must have" baby item, let me know. I'm looking for registry inspiration.

Moving on........I have a confession (have to throw one in every now and then, since my blog is "Confessions of an Imperfect Mom"): we left church early today. I don't know what the deal is, but I am going through a stage where I feel ON FIRE ALL MORNING LONG. It feels like my muscles are burning. Like my organs are steaming. Even my teeth feel hot. What is up with that?!

The sanctuary was plenty cool, but I was sweating. Unfortunately, I also began to get very, very nauseous. I was worried I'd get sick, so we bailed without testing our luck.

We also skipped the church picnic tonight for the same reason. Oh well, there's always next year. Plus, we went to the one a couple of months ago for the Romania mission trip, so I figure I'm "good".

Finally, this totally random thought: I really want crab rangoon. Yes, in that if-I-don't-get-any-nobody-will-have-a-pleasant-evening-type of way. I'm thinking Chinese food is on the menu tonight.


Chaos-Jamie said...

My only must have baby item is the lamby. And I know most people wouldn't let one within 10 feet of their baby. And a stroller of some sort or other. And disposable diapers. Otherwise, I know I could make do without.

Well, that and a really good nursing bra. ;)

Imperfect Mom said...

Is lamby the "blankie" I see Charming with?

Chaos-Jamie said...

That it is. Home away from home. Never leave home without it.