Friday, August 15, 2008

Harry Potter. For kids?!

I took AM to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars today with some friends. Not exactly cinematic excellence, but he enjoyed it (I mostly entertained myself by watching my belly move).

Anyway, in true movie-going fashion, we had to endure roughly three gazillion (give or take a couple) movie premieres prior to the "main event".

One of those was a premier for the new Harry Potter movie. Something about a Half-Blood Prince (not sure what that means).

I kid you not: I thought (until I saw "Harry") it was a preview for some horror flick for adults. All three of the kids I was with said it was scary.

From what I could gather, it's about a "dark" wizard that goes to the wizard school years before Harry. He begins to talk about how he can do harm to those that are mean to him and then after a litany of equally creepy "talents", stops the "head" wizard (no idea what he would really be called) with the confession that he can talk to snakes. They follow him and whisper to him.

Nothing like a good, ol' serpent reference to bring out the warm fuzzies IN WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE MARKETED TO CHILDREN!!!!!!

Throw in a few flashing demon-faces and it would seem that they are trying to insinuate that he's demonic/very evil. If that's NOT their intention, they need to fire their advertising team.

It was seriously, seriously disturbing.

Now, we aren't a Harry Potty family. None of us have read the books nor have we seen the movies. We don't intend to. I've talked to too many people who's kids were negatively impacted by the books. Not to mention the fact that it "entertains" with something God doesn't mince words about. I'm not going to let AM read a warm, feel-good book about adultery, so why would I let him entertain himself with something about wizardry?

I would argue that Harry Potter isn't exactly kid fodder. If adults want to watch/read, I have no beef with that.

Oh, and as a side topic. The kid I assume to be the "Half-Blood Prince" is truly creepy looking. Exactly how does one answer that casting call?

Wanted: child actor capable of sending cold chills down the spine with one hollow stare.

Gosh, dear. Little Johnny would be PERFECT for that part. Maybe the fact that he tortures small animals will help him get the job?!

Makes me wonder about parents willing to let their kid participate in something like that.

Yes, I know that my opinion of the great and powerful J.K. Rowlings will be met with responses ranging from "she's right on" to "she's a Bible-banging freak". I can deal with that and frankly don't care.

If Jesus comes back, I don't want Him to find AM reading something He finds offensive. I DON'T read books I would have to be ashamed of and I'll be darned if my kid will.

Let alone watch a super creepy film.

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