Thursday, July 03, 2008

Update Number II

Yep, another clever title.

24 more hours to go before I've met my first "goal". Actually, if you go by the first day of my last menstrual cycle, I was actually 20 weeks yesterday, beating my first goal.

However, since we all bow at the alter of the ultrasound, and it INSISTS that my due date is November 22, we've tossed the "first day" out with the bath water and are instead figuring my weeks by my due date.

Huh? Translation: I'm not 20 weeks until Saturday, at least as far as my doctor is concerned.

So.......I was at the doctor's office yesterday and had to see "that" doctor. You know. The one I freaked out on when I had a BV infection a couple of months ago when my doc was out-of-town.

Guess what. I have another BV infection and my doctor is out-of-town.

I went in for my regular culture (the one they send out) and asked them to also look at a sample under the microscope in the office. I was unwilling to wait until next week to find out the results of my send-out culture, since the office is closing early for the 4th.

Good thing I asked because that's how he discovered the infection. Again, no symptoms. I know I couldn't have had it for more then two weeks, because my last culture was normal (and that was two weeks ago). He said that it was still "up high" and that I probably wouldn't have noticed anything yet (irritation, etc...), but failed to tell me if that meant it was a "new" infection or one that had been around for a while.

Did I mention that I was infected at this EXACT same point in my last pregnancy?

I know, I know. Just because I'm infected now doesn't mean I'll have the same outcome. I just wanted this to be a "smooth" week, ya' know? Plus, I want to be able to bend over without fear (I was bent down unplugging a fan when my water broke last time).

I got shot #3 yesterday and complained about the side effects. To say that this doctor dismissed them is an understatement (my sis' main complaint about him is that he doesn't seem to listen very well). I'm eager to see MY doctor next time!

So far I'm not feeling terribly unstable. We shall see how the rest of the day goes. We're supposed to have company for the 4th tomorrow and if day 2 is like my LAST day 2, it could prove to be an interesting day. Good thing it's just family!

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