Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

To my legions of adoring fans, I'm back.

*snort* At least one of my fans adores me, but then she's related to me.

We spent the majority of last week in Branson. MotH works with someone that has a house down near the lake (deck overlooks Tablerock) and they generously allow us to stay there free of charge. We usually go down once during the summer and then again around Christmas, although this year the Christmas trip won't happen.

Anyway, this time my parents went with us (first time for them) mostly so I would have someone to keep me company while MotH and AM did their "thing". So "things" were done and fun was had and I spent a good majority of the week reading......which is JUST FINE with me! I rarely get a chance to read uninterrupted.

One of the highlights: members of my immediate family tend to get a little, shall we say, slap happy when we start getting tired. One such incident occurred on Friday night after mom and I declared we would be going into town (we stay out near Silver Dollar City) for dessert and there would be NO arguments. The guys gamely drove us into town (so long as the "game" included a significant amount of grumping about it).

On the way back, mom spotted a sign for some Righteous Brother's show in Branson. Mom and dad launched into "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling". I joined in. It sounded something like a cat caught in a bear trap and the last, gasping breath of a dying school of seals (flock of seals? Hoard of seals?). I think MotH was scared. Only AM applauded when we were done. Oh, and the reason I know that song: Top Gun.

In gestating news, I am now PREGNANT LONGER THEN I'VE EVER BEEN PREGNANT BEFORE (23 weeks 4 days, for those keeping track). From this point forward, everything is a new experience.

I once had someone tell me I was "lucky" to have skipped the uncomfortable months of pregnancy the first time around (because it's REALLY comfortable to watch your child struggle to survive.....sheesh, that comment ranked really high on the "stupid things people say"-o'meter). Let me just say that I am REALLY looking forward to being more uncomfortable then I've ever been in my life. Just so long as this little one stays put.

Speaking of the "little one", I can now safely announce that it's a BOY! MotH finally broke the news to everyone it needed to be broken to, so I can stop trying to think of generic baby sex terms on my blog. I've always said that I would love to have another boy, so we are thrilled!

AM is super jazzed. As he explained to me "mom, I don't know what to do with a girl". Frankly, son, neither do I.

While I'm on the subject of AM, he will be EIGHT this Friday. Holy. Cow. I wonder if I'll ever stop doing double takes when I look at him. I still can't believe he's the same boy that started life as such a fragile baby. To say I'm constantly overwhelmed by the miracle God worked in him would be a gross understatement.

He's such a delight (most of the time anyway). He is rather protective of me in my "delicate" state (I laugh when I say that because I'm sure the first thing people think when they see me is "oh, she looks so delicate"). The other day I was paying a bill and I guess he thought the lady was being short with me. He looked her in the eye and told her "my mom is growing a new person. You need to take it easy on her". LOL.

Such a character. He may get his looks from his dad, but he gets his abundant charm and sense of humor from his mom ;).

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