Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

Who are they kidding?!

Does anyone actually KNOW someone that has had EVEN ONE "lazy" day of summer?


Everyone I know is busy running kids to camps, play dates, swimming lessons, vacation Bible school, etc.... That doesn't even INCLUDE family vacations (and all the prep that goes into making THAT happen), picnics, cook-outs............

"Lazy days of summer" must be one of those oxymoronic sayings like "slept like a baby".

Let's see, what else. The octopillow is finally back at Walmart. When the customer service lady asked me the reason for return, I nearly began my rant again. Instead, I took a deep breath and simply said "it's too big for our bed".

Ohohoh!!! My sister found out today that she's having the same "type" of baby that we're having!!!!! Yay!! She is due two weeks after me so our kids will be VERY close in age. We do a LOT with my sis' family. We take family trips (at least once a year), attend the same church and our hubby's are great friends too. In fact, her hubby is currently in my garage with MotH working on his (sis' hubby's) truck.

We love that we get to share so much of our lives with each other........and now our kids will be awesome playmates!!

For the record, the REASON I'm not mentioning the specific "type" is that MotH hasn't told everyone yet. On the off chance that those people read my blog (hello??), I don't want this to be the way they find out.

I'll just say we're tickled pink....or blue (how. mean. am. I?!).

Additional update: I'm currently 21 weeks 5 days (or 22 weeks, if going by the first day of my last cycle). Only one week two days to go until I've passed goal number two (making it to 23 weeks, when AM was born).

Got another shot yesterday. Seem to be doing okay, with the exception of going to bed at 8:45 p.m.

This is a very random post, is it not.

Another bloggeriffic friend mentioned the other day that she got sucked into the world of Facebook. Being the follower I am (not really, but apparently in this situation), I immediately went and signed up too. I even have a few friends!!

Okay, my brain is too pooped to continue this party. 'Night.

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