Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dreaming of llama's?

I really wanted to get up on my soapbox and post a little rant about a "hurt" last week, but I've decided not to. It wouldn't serve a purpose, other then to let me blow hot air, so what would be the point? Besides, there's that whole "forgive 70 times 70"-thing, so it's time to let it go.

So, instead, I'll talk about llama's.

We have a miniature horse farm just down the road from our house and I drive by it frequently. Occasionally, I have seen sheep there, but usually it's just the mini horses. It's fun to go by there right now, because there are lots of babies.

The other day I was on my way home (from where, I don't recall) and noticed a family standing by the fence looking at the horses (this is common). Adult minis.......check. Baby minis....check. Llama.....huh???

Yes, there was a llama standing there.

At least I'm pretty sure there was.

I went home and told MotH. He immediately told me I had DREAMED the stupid llama and it hadn't really been there.

Mean, nes pas? He thinks this is terribly amusing. (He's using my admission of strange, vivid dreams against me.)

A few days later, I was driving back home again (this time from the grocery store). THERE WAS THE LLAMA (it hangs out with the horses)!!! I went home and poked MotH and asked "do we both agree that I am fully awake and not dreaming?" He looked at me like I was crazy and said "huh?".

I poked again "AM I AWAKE???". "Uh, I guess so", says he.

"The llama was there again! I just saw it and you just agreed that I was awake."

He smirks and said something along the lines of "even if this was a dream, wouldn't I still tell you that you were awake?".

This is NOT helped by the fact that EVERY TIME we drive by the farm together, that stupid llama is hiding. He's even got AM in on it "hey, AM, look for mom's imaginary llama".

I ask you, am I deserving of such treatment?

He "helpfully" suggested "maybe you should put a camera in your car, if you're so certain you've seen a llama".

I'll show him what he can do with his camera!

Oh, and it may have actually been an alpaca.


Mackenzie said...

That's awesome! I had the same incident involving a herd of buffalo when I was at KSU. Of course neither Travis or my best friend ever saw them, but they were there by golly!

Imperfect Mom said...

I see you decided to stop "lurking" on my blog, lol.

Who knew it would take a llama to get you to comment!?

Love ya!