Thursday, June 12, 2008

The black hole. A more serious note. An update.

It's been a while since I've read up on black holes. I seem to recall that they suck surrounding heavenly bodies into their void.

I figure that's a pretty accurate description of my appetite these days.

How can a three inch child require two corndogs. 1/2 a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (hey, it was organic peanut butter). Popcorn. And Cheez-it's. All for lunch?

(the food police can keep their mouths shut and just quietly mumble in the corner amongst themselves regarding my nutrient deficient lunch)

Now, I want a banana with honey and some cantelope. Healthier choices, yes, but seriously.....HOW MUCH CAN A THREE INCH CHILD WANT TO EAT.

I swore I wouldn't eat like this. With my last pregnancy, I ate anything and everything I wanted. I'm trying to be good, because I don't want to deal with the weight aftermath.

But when a craving hits, I am capable of serious bodily harm if I don't satisfy it. How am I supposed to battle such hormonal hankerings?

On a more serious note, last night I was on a storm chasing forum I follow when I heard mention of the Boy Scout camp hit near Omaha. My cousin and her family live in the Omaha area and her oldest son missed our family reunion due to a special opportunity he was given to attend leadership training at scout camp this week.

When I started watching an Omaha station (via my laptop) and heard them say that this week was a special "leadership training" week at the camp, my heart just sank.

I called my mom (she's still in Colorado) to have her call my aunt (his grandmother). Yes, he was there and they didn't know anything.

I found out this morning that he is fine and was hunkered down in the one building left standing. There were three boys from his troop at the camp (including my cousin's son) and one of them had to perform CPR on one of the boys that lost his life.

The maturity and presence of mind that these young men showed is amazing. They used their first aide skills to help other scouts, immediately began to help sift through rubble looking for their friends. They experienced things boys of that age should never have to experience and did it with a confidence few adults experience in crisis.

Their parents should be very proud.

Please keep all of the effected families in your prayers. Our prayers were answered, but we are all too aware that the prayers of four other families didn't have the same outcome.


Back to a lighter note, an update.........

I have not seen the llama (or alpaca) again. This is delighting MotH who is sticking with the "it's all in your dreams"-line.

Stupid llama/alpaca.

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