Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Final Countdown

School. It's out in a little over a week. That means I only have to listen to "mom, is today the last day of school? The next day?" approximately nine more times. Actually, double that because AM will ask MotH the very same question, just in case pregnancy brain made me miscalculate.

THEN we can start the query that will define my summer: "mom, what are we going to do today.........I'm boooooored".

Yep, it's a time honored tradition. Can't wait to get out of school, followed by many days of long-suffering called "boredom".

'Nuf 'bout that.

I have a summer "rant" I need to get off my chest. It's about the swimming pool. No, it's not about wearing a bathing suit (though that's certainly a worthy topic). It's about the shear number of people in my 'burb vs. the woefully inadequate number of swimming pools.

If memory serves, we are the third largest "city" in our county. Perhaps we're number two. At any rate, we have ONE "normal" pool and one that caters to the much younger crowd (think fancy wading pool).

Last year, the ONLY pool that opened in the morning was the smaller pool (fancy wading pool). AM's not a big fan of that pool. On the other hand, he ADORES the large pool. Unfortunately, it doesn't open until after noon and shortly after opening, swarms of daycare/summer camp kids swoop in like a plague of locusts.

Seriously, the "instructional pool" (perfect for kids still getting the hang of swimming) is wall-to-wall bodies. It's impossible to turn around without tripping over half a dozen small people. Swimming? The concept is laughable, since one most actually kick their legs in order to swim. Kicking your legs in the instructional pool means causing serious bodily harm to someone else.

My only other option is to (queue horror music) get in the larger pool myself and let him swim using me as his human buoy.

Anyway, I hate going to the pool. I do not "do" crowds very well. Heck, I don't even do "BIG SALE" crowds well, let alone a pool full of screaming, thrashing, splashing, slimy (from the sunscreen - I don't think all kids are slimy. Though you must admit that SOME are!) kids.

Yet AM talks of nothing but going to the pool this summer. He and his buddy talk about it on the way home from school. They ask me, about once a week, if the pool's open yet. It's poised to be a highlight of summer.

Which means I will have to suck it up, buy a pool pass and take him dutifully to the pool. Maybe the long-suffering will be mine.


Mommy Beauty said...

I feel for you! I have to say that I love your writing style, especially when you're ranting about something, though. ;)

Imperfect Mom said...

Hey - I got your comment (I didn't look at an older post).

I have a select, few talents and a well thought out rant is one of them. My dh heartily agrees (though argues that it might not be considered a "talent").

Mommy Beauty said...

I think it's a talent. You could turn it into some mad eBay selling success.

Have you heard of BecauseISaidSo.com? It earned the author a book deal (I think with Guideposts). She started out with a well thought out rant on eBay about a baseball that broke a window and ruined her summer. She sold it for quite a bit with her anger-fueled story. ;)

A lot of people liked her story and asked if she had a blog, so she started one. The next time she auctioned something off, she DID have a blog...and she's been getting a load of visitors (some very important vistors, obviously) since.

She has 6 kids that give her plenty of stuff to talk about! LOL