Monday, May 05, 2008


I just spent an utterly miserable weekend.

MotH has a generous co-worker with a house on the lake down in Branson. He let's us stay there, basically whenever we want, so when he needed help taking down some trees and doing roof repairs, MotH quickly volunteered (and I supported him in that).

That wasn't the miserable part.

AM and I hung out with my sister and niece Saturday morning. That was fine. AM and I came home and split a cheese pizza. That too went well.

About 5pm, I started feeling puny, but that's not unusual these days. I had a bagel for dinner and went to bed shortly after AM went down.

Then the bottom fell out.

I haven't been that sick in years!!! At 6:30 Sunday morning, I had to call my parents (thank heavens they live nearby!) to come get AM. So, so sick. I'm still sick, though not as bad as I was.

I have never had a stomach bug stick around this long. Usually they are over within 24 hours. Not so this time. Ugh.

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Colleen Coble said...

It might have been food poisoning! Hope you're doing well now.