Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So it's now April. Five (!) months since I last posted an update.

Five months since I announced they (meaning China) were starting December.

They finished December and have done NINE. WHOLE. DAYS. OF. JANUARY. Seriously, this is the second month they've done January referrals and they've only made it to day nine.

*Deep sigh*

Now that we have THAT out of the way, there's wee smidgen of news in the ol' Imperfect Mom house. When I say "wee", I mean something about 2 cm big that resulted in two, pretty little blue lines (or where they pink?) on a stick. You know, one I peed on.

If you're having a hard time following along, I'll put it this way. I have a bun in the oven and it ain't from the bbq I ate last night (or that's not the ONLY bun in my "oven").

Yep, I'm in a "family way". Yep, it was planned. We had sort of batted around the idea of another bio-child after the adoption. However, after a discouraging visit with my ob/gyn last summer (after surgery) and even more discouraging adoption news, we figured it was now or never.

Turns out it was now.

We'll stay in "line" for the adoption and will have to "wait and see" what happens.

I'm due in November. Specifically, November 22 which also happens to be the day AM came home from the hospital. Quite a coincidink, nes pas?

I'm basically an amoeba....living life under a microscope. I've already had more ultrasounds in the last four weeks then most women have during their child-bearing years. There is ONE (!) BABY (!), thank heavens, and we have a nice steady heartbeat.

The Chinese birth calendar says it's a girl. It said KJ (my niece) was a boy. I figure it's still 50/50.

Frankly, I'm thrilled with anything that gestates well.

Um, let's see if there's anything else going on. Uh. Hmm. Milo has a new bed. Trees are starting to bud, despite the on-again, off-again nature of our weather (mostly off-again). AM has a month left of first grade. Oh, I accepted a promotion at work (I guess that was back in January).

Guess that's about it.


Chaos-Jamie said...

you crack me up. I wondered if you were planning to stay in line. Chances are that this amoeba will be 4 at their current rate.

Imperfect Mom said...

The line is wrapped around the building (continent? Earth?) several times, but yes, we're still in it.