Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks God, for the callerpillers

Do your kids have words they say wrong, but it's so darn cute that you don't really want to correct them? I know in my family, we had a wide range of "Booth'isms" that included many of the words we mispronounced growing up.

"hegitt" - headache
"fritterfratter" - refrigerator

We already use one of AM's "isms" on a regular basis. He calls crab rangoon "cranberry goon". I cracked up the first time he asked me for more "cranberry goon" and the name stuck. The other night, he was thanking God for all the "creepy crawly" things (I suppose someone should thank God for them) and then he thanked God for the callerpillers.

He alternates that with callerpitters, but I think I prefer callerpiller.

I suppose the reason I hold on to these "isms" is that they represent his child-like innocence, which he is outgrowing far too quickly for this mama's preference.


Amanda said...

I love the "isms". My son definitely has some of his own. The best part is when your so comfortable saying them, you forget in public. I have had to correct myself a couple of times because the person had no idea what I was talking about. :)

Nurse Boy said...

My favorite "ism" is televator. That is movie theater for my middle child.