Thursday, April 17, 2008


Pregnancy hormones are no walk in the park. They produce something akin to an out-of-body experience. I can see myself acting irrationally, but am completely powerless to stop myself. I become a runaway train.

MotH learned the first time around that it's a temporary insanity. That or I really scared him when I threw a pair of jeans at his head. Either way, he has decided that his best defense is to simply look at me. Not frowning. Not laughing. Just a blank stare. I assume it's his version of playing "dead" until the danger has passed. Like an opossum. Can't say I blame him.

Pregnancy hormones have also caused me to unnaturally obsess about a movie. No, not a good chick flick or even something deep and moving. The movie that got stuck in my brain was (wait for it), Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. You know, the one where he turns into Darth Vadar. I was just in ANGUISH over his choice to go to the dark side. I lost sleep over the stupid movie. LOST SLEEP!!!!!

This was a tremendous source of amusement for MotH, who took to calling me "Freaky-Freak" (perhaps the jeans-to-the-head wasn't as effective as I first imagined).

Another unusual side effect: I've completely lost the ability to write or speak intelligently. As an example, I had to type "unusual" FOUR times just now. I keep discovering that not only have I spelled something wrong, I've used the entirely WRONG WORD. Oh, and it's not just in written speech. Oh no. That I can delete and re-type, with no one the wiser. I also do it when speaking. Worse, I rarely realize I've done it until someone is looking at me oddly.

I do remember these phenomena from the first time around, except for the Star Wars-thing. I had irrational behavior (I will refer you back to exhibit A, the jeans-throwing incident) and definitely had pregnancy brain, but holy-progesterone-batman, it's irritating!

Well, better run. I need to go make sure AM is making dinner and I've got to get started on my homework.


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