Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks God, for the callerpillers

Do your kids have words they say wrong, but it's so darn cute that you don't really want to correct them? I know in my family, we had a wide range of "Booth'isms" that included many of the words we mispronounced growing up.

"hegitt" - headache
"fritterfratter" - refrigerator

We already use one of AM's "isms" on a regular basis. He calls crab rangoon "cranberry goon". I cracked up the first time he asked me for more "cranberry goon" and the name stuck. The other night, he was thanking God for all the "creepy crawly" things (I suppose someone should thank God for them) and then he thanked God for the callerpillers.

He alternates that with callerpitters, but I think I prefer callerpiller.

I suppose the reason I hold on to these "isms" is that they represent his child-like innocence, which he is outgrowing far too quickly for this mama's preference.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby bump?! Already??!!

To the uninformed observer, I look like I'm getting pudgy. Since I just now gained back the pound I initially lost, that isn't the case. The pudge I have is the pudge I had at the beginning of this journey, no more and sadly, no less.

The truth is that I already have a baby bump. More accurately, it's a baby "lump", since it in no way resembles the smooth, round, prominent tummy of an obviously pregnant woman. No, this looks more like someone pumped air in behind my decidedly NON-smooth belly, uh, padding. Think refrigerator biscuit dough. Get the picture?

Even stranger? By the end of the day, I look about 5/6 months pregnant (I look about 3/4 in the morning). I'm guessing my un-taut stomach muscles have given up the fight by 4pm.

True confession: I've been wearing maternity pants for a couple of weeks already and my "normal" pants have been worn with a belly band. For the most part, I could have worn (note the past-tense) my "normal" pants, but having anything remotely snug around the mid-section makes me nauseous.

However, "fat" pants wouldn't fasten. They fastened just spiffy a week ago. Yesterday, not so much.

So off to the JcPenney's Outlet Store I went last night to buy a few things to get me by. I have a good collection (thanks to ebay) of shirts to wear, but needed some work appropriate bottoms.

Wanna hear some irony (that's a rhetorical question, since I acknowledge that the only person I'm talking to is myself)? I bought one of those empire-waist shirts (from "misses", not from maternity) that are all the rage right now and I should be able to wear it l.o.n.g. into the pregnancy, whereas the makers of maternity wear apparently think it's cute to make skin tight shirts to show off belly. Since I've already mentioned the dough-like quality of my mid-section (this post has a lot of hyphens in it), skin tight is NOT pretty. Trust me on this.

I ended up with a linen skirt that I may live in. I will definitely be going back to buy more. For $9.99, it's a deal that's hard to beat. I got a couple of shirts, a pair of dressy crop pants and I'm sure some other things my pregnancy-stricken brain has forgotten.

I'll need to start rethinking my shoe choices too, since I began the day in a pair of heeled "thong" shoes that I had to take off, for fear that my extra weight would cause my toe to be severed clean off. Plus the heel made my back hurt.

It's a sad day, ladies, when a girl's gotta give up her heels. I had anticipated sailing through this pregnancy in sharp and stylish shoes. I'm not saying I'm prepared to go all the way to Birkenstocks, but I would have gladly traded the appendage severing thongs with a pair of Birks at around 11am today, if given the opportunity.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Proper order of things: pray first, then freak out

Because praying first usually nips the freaking out in the bud.

Now, the background story that prompted that reminder.

I had an ob/gyn appointment today. Baby looks good, heartrate 167. Then I met with the doctor. Not "my" doctor (he's on vacation). This doctor told me that my culture came back positive for bacterial vaginosis.

That's where the freaking out comes in.

See, I had several BV infections when I was pregnant last time. It's one of the few "links" that have been shown to contribute to premature rupture.

I have been completely symptom-free. In fact, I've had FEWER symptoms (bad symptoms) during the last week, then at any point during this pregnancy. Then I find out I've had a BV infection brewing since last Monday (it takes several days to get the results back).

Felt a little like being kicked in the gut.

It dredged up an awful lot of my old "my body betrayed my babies in the worst possible way"-feelings. How am I supposed to KNOW something is wrong, if my body fails to provide any signals?!

Anyway, I was pretty upset. I won't go into more details, because frankly they make me look a little pathetic.

I'm on antibiotics now (a whole different story, but one I'll spare you) and I'm sure they will take care of the infection. I'll likely continue to take the antibiotic through the duration of the pregnancy.

So.....after I was done gnashing my teeth, I prayed. See, I did things in the wrong order. It calmed me down. I was reminded that just as this baby is "fearfully and wonderfully made", so am I. I'm not a cosmic screw up, I'm a work of God.

Wow, that's hard to remember sometimes.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Pregnancy hormones are no walk in the park. They produce something akin to an out-of-body experience. I can see myself acting irrationally, but am completely powerless to stop myself. I become a runaway train.

MotH learned the first time around that it's a temporary insanity. That or I really scared him when I threw a pair of jeans at his head. Either way, he has decided that his best defense is to simply look at me. Not frowning. Not laughing. Just a blank stare. I assume it's his version of playing "dead" until the danger has passed. Like an opossum. Can't say I blame him.

Pregnancy hormones have also caused me to unnaturally obsess about a movie. No, not a good chick flick or even something deep and moving. The movie that got stuck in my brain was (wait for it), Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. You know, the one where he turns into Darth Vadar. I was just in ANGUISH over his choice to go to the dark side. I lost sleep over the stupid movie. LOST SLEEP!!!!!

This was a tremendous source of amusement for MotH, who took to calling me "Freaky-Freak" (perhaps the jeans-to-the-head wasn't as effective as I first imagined).

Another unusual side effect: I've completely lost the ability to write or speak intelligently. As an example, I had to type "unusual" FOUR times just now. I keep discovering that not only have I spelled something wrong, I've used the entirely WRONG WORD. Oh, and it's not just in written speech. Oh no. That I can delete and re-type, with no one the wiser. I also do it when speaking. Worse, I rarely realize I've done it until someone is looking at me oddly.

I do remember these phenomena from the first time around, except for the Star Wars-thing. I had irrational behavior (I will refer you back to exhibit A, the jeans-throwing incident) and definitely had pregnancy brain, but holy-progesterone-batman, it's irritating!

Well, better run. I need to go make sure AM is making dinner and I've got to get started on my homework.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So it's now April. Five (!) months since I last posted an update.

Five months since I announced they (meaning China) were starting December.

They finished December and have done NINE. WHOLE. DAYS. OF. JANUARY. Seriously, this is the second month they've done January referrals and they've only made it to day nine.

*Deep sigh*

Now that we have THAT out of the way, there's wee smidgen of news in the ol' Imperfect Mom house. When I say "wee", I mean something about 2 cm big that resulted in two, pretty little blue lines (or where they pink?) on a stick. You know, one I peed on.

If you're having a hard time following along, I'll put it this way. I have a bun in the oven and it ain't from the bbq I ate last night (or that's not the ONLY bun in my "oven").

Yep, I'm in a "family way". Yep, it was planned. We had sort of batted around the idea of another bio-child after the adoption. However, after a discouraging visit with my ob/gyn last summer (after surgery) and even more discouraging adoption news, we figured it was now or never.

Turns out it was now.

We'll stay in "line" for the adoption and will have to "wait and see" what happens.

I'm due in November. Specifically, November 22 which also happens to be the day AM came home from the hospital. Quite a coincidink, nes pas?

I'm basically an life under a microscope. I've already had more ultrasounds in the last four weeks then most women have during their child-bearing years. There is ONE (!) BABY (!), thank heavens, and we have a nice steady heartbeat.

The Chinese birth calendar says it's a girl. It said KJ (my niece) was a boy. I figure it's still 50/50.

Frankly, I'm thrilled with anything that gestates well.

Um, let's see if there's anything else going on. Uh. Hmm. Milo has a new bed. Trees are starting to bud, despite the on-again, off-again nature of our weather (mostly off-again). AM has a month left of first grade. Oh, I accepted a promotion at work (I guess that was back in January).

Guess that's about it.