Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another update

Just in case there is someone out there (helloooooo...???) that reads this, I thought I'd post an update on the adoption.

Or the lack of adoption, as it where.

China continues to slow down. They give the ol' party line: "increased domestic adoption", "fewer abandonments", blah blah blah. Call me cynical, but I very much doubt that generations (of generations) of Chinese culture suddenly vanished in about eight months. The culture favors boys. Period. The government still has a one-child policy. Period. I have a hard time believing that in Sept. of '05, nobody was doing domestic adoption and then suddenly, just a few months later, they have a flood of people. Not buying it.

Anyway, right now it is taking them four months to get through one month. It took SIX months just to get through the month of November. They just started on December and it looks like it will take four months (it is an average sized month, November was larger).

If we apply that to our log-in date, we are still 28 months from referral. Yes, that's right. We are currently seven months from our log-in date, multiplied by four months to get through one month of log-ins.

See why China's explanation is hard to buy? When we started, the wait was 8-10 months. Everyone expected our wait to be in the 12-14 month range. We were supposed to have a new kiddo in the house by last Christmas. Instead, the wait will likely be closer to 45 months (3 1/2 years, give or take a few months). So somehow in the 8 months it took us to get our paperwork done, the Chinese people suddenly began adopting 5 times as many children? Hard to buy, huh?!

So, we're at a bit of a crossroads right now. We really haven't discussed what we will do or not do, we just agree that this isn't the program we signed up for. When we began, it was with the understanding that China had tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of baby girls that needed homes. That's likely still the case, but China isn't adopting them out.

Since we "needed" a child (and prefer, but don't demand, a girl), and they had lots of girls that needed parents, it seemed logical. Now, it really wouldn't matter if we didn't adopt from there, because there are thousands and thousands of people in line behind she wouldn't go without a home.

So we have to re-evaluate and see if it makes more sense for us to try and find a way to unite with a child that has a reduced chance of finding a home. It doesn't "cost" us anything (other then patience) to stay in line with China, but we need to decide if we just coast.......or if we decide to build our family sooner, rather then later.

I'm rambling. Anyway, to anyone reading this, keep us in your prayers as we start having discussions about where to go from here.