Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August Update

Well, things are still slow.

That's about it :).

Okay, okay.........y'all are a demanding bunch (I think there's about three of you that read this).

Referrals came in towards the end of last week and included families logged in through Nov. 21, 2005. For those keeping track, that was SEVEN.WHOLE.DAYS!

Yip. yahoo.

The best "guestimates" out there have them finally completing November, and moving in to December, by October of this year. I'm guessing that we have another 12-18 months, from today, before our daughter comes home.

In other personal news, this last month has been extremely difficult. Those of you that read this know that my dear friend, Nici (pronounced "Nikki") was diagnosed with advanced-stage cervical cancer in July '06. After a long and very courageous battle, she lost her fight against this awful disease on July 22.

Nici and I had some wonderful visits during her last few weeks. I feel immeasurably blessed to have shared that time with her, as difficult as it was. She had an extraordinary "event" the Wednesday before her death that can only be described as a "visit" with the Lord. She asked Him to end her suffering and for the rest of her days in her earthly body, she was virtually pain-free. That gave her the opportunity to be clear-headed and to share some final thoughts with family and friends. It really was a miracle.

I cannot tell you what it has been like to watch someone I love die. This is different then losing a grandparent. My three grandparents that have passed away all lived full lives. At first glance, it seems like Nici was taken in her "prime".

Yet I know that the Lord's ways are not mine and that His timing is perfect. I am so grateful......more then mere words can convey.....that she knew Jesus as her savior. I am so humbled that He allowed me to minister to her during her precious last days with us.

She asked me to stay involved with her children, especially her daughter, and she said she could hardly wait to meet our Bailey. I had already found peace knowing Bailey was in heaven, but knowing that she now has Nici there to be her mama (until I get there myself) takes that peace to another level. Perhaps that's fanciful thinking, but I'll keep thinking it.

Nici was a beautiful woman, a beautiful soul, an amazing mother and she will be missed more then I can possibly say. Please keep her precious children in your prayers. Their lives will never be the same.

Oh and girls......make sure you are vigilant with your yearly "exams".

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