Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One Year Anniversary

Dododoooo dooodooodododo dododooooooo!!! DodododooooOOOpppffffssssstttt (that's a trumpet bugling, although that should have been obvious........with a "pppfffssstt" at the end).

Today is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. One year ago today, the Peoples Republic of China logged us in! Yip-yahoo.

Before you get out the party horns and confetti, it should be noted that this isn't exactly "good" news. In fact, it stinks.

But, let's throw a party anyway, okay?! Party games are always a good time! This is a game I like to call "What could Lesley have given birth to by now?!". Here we GO!

With a gestation period of 12 days, I could have birthed.......30.41 OPOSSUMS!
With a gestation period of 122 days, I could have birthed............2.99 BEAVERS!
With a gestation period of 270 days, I could have birthed.....1.35 AMERICAN BUFFALO!
With a gestation period of 365 days, I could have birthed......1 ASS (no comments on who he/she looks like)

Yet I would only be 56% of the way to birthing an elephant, so that's something...right??!

Okay, joking aside. The last "batch" only went to November 7, which means we are still 218 days away from our log in date (or another 18 OPOSSUMS). It appears, for now, that things have slowed down even further. This batch was only about six days, the previous batch only about three.

We can only hope they don't actually begin to go in reverse, asking families to give babies back!

Before anyone asks, we really have NO idea when we'll get our daughter.

Now for non-adoption news. AM graduated from kindergarten with a SATISFACTORY.0 grade-point-average (since they don't give out A/B/C/D/F grades in kindergarten, I have to improvise). He is now participating in the summer "camp" program at Hope Lutheran, which he is loving. They keep him very, very busy.

We bought a pool pass this summer, so we've been a couple of times. We are hoping to make it every Tuesday and Thursday, which are my days at home. Did I mention I'm dieting again?

Um, let's see. We leave in three. more. days. for Branson with sis and company. We will be there for a week and plan to do Silver Dollar City, White Water and a float trip on the Elk River in SW MO.

Other then that, not much new to report. Keep my friend Nici (pronounced like "Nikki") in your prayers. She is scheduled for surgery soon for her recurrent cervical cancer.

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:: Suzanne :: said...

Congrats on reaching your milestone and your oppossum data is a hoot.

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