Saturday, March 10, 2007

Okay, it's been over a month since I last updated the blog. Yeah, yeah, yeah....I hear you complaining (and you know who you are). Hey, I have a lot of important things to do. Things like:

(give me a sec...)

Coaching cheerleading for church (G-O-D....Almighty is He!)

I surrender (waving small, white flag). It's 9pm, I've been shopping with a three year old (my niece) most of the day and quite frankly, I'm surprised I still have enough brain cells remaining to type.

The "boys" (meaning not me, because I'm not a boy) went to Emporia today for lots of fun doing "boy" things. These trips usually involve 4-wheeling and fishing, where AM inevitably decides that one of the worms is his "friend" and mustn't be sacrificed to the fish in the pond. They are sure to come back tired and grubby.

I cleaned the house this morning. Then I went to a bead store in Overland Park......and I was able to LOOK without a little voice going "mom, did you know Spiderman can swim?" "mom, why did Herbie drive over Tony Stewart in the Herbie movie?" "mom, what do they kill to make hamburgers?" "mom, remember when Tia ate the cat's poop.....that was so gross!?"

I spent the rest of the day with LS and KJ, which is fun.......though not really relaxing, when a three-year-old is in tow.

Let's see.....

There really isn't much else going on. Last Saturday was AM's last basketball game, and my last weekend of coaching. Next Saturday MotH is planning to go to Tuttle Creek with the Land Cruiser club. He's having a hard time coming to grip with the fact that I am not begging to come along.

On the adoption front, there isn't much to report. The latest referrals came out this week and went through 10/24/05.....which is a little disappointing. I've stopped trying to figure out when our referral might come, because at this point it's so far away, and so many things could change (good or bad....or both) that it's rather pointless.

I'm signing off now. I won't promise to write again soon, because by now you won't believe me :). I'm tired, I'm not exactly sure what I'm even typing and my fingers are cold. All good, valid reasons to stop now.

See ya!