Thursday, September 21, 2006

Waiting, waiting, waiting!

Everyone (meaning everyone that's involved in Chinese adoption) is anxiously awaiting the newest batch of referrals. Will they make it into August (a "slow" month), or just through the end of July? Will there be more Hunan referrals? When will they arrive?

As usually, nobody knows. I know there are those that think the CCAA is sort of playing with our hearts, but I truely don't believe that to be the case. I think they just work on their own schedule and no amount of anxious parents will change that (if it could, I'd already have my daughter)!

AM is doing great in school. While I'm on that subject, let me take this opportunity to suggest everyone reading this runs out and buys stock in Spray n Wash. Perhaps I was naive (okay, I was), but I really didn't think it would be a problem for AM to wear khaki pants with light blue or white tops. I was wrong. I bought the child two new pairs of khaki pants two weeks ago and they look like he's been mud wrestling in them........or they would without my trusty Spray n Wash ammo. Sheesh. I'm thinking the navy pants idea is a very good one (hides more stains). Unfortunately, navy pants with a navy shirt doesn't really work, so he'll still have a light colored top. Until this year, I NEVER had a problem with stains on his clothes. I guess the "I like to crawl on my knees in the grass"-switch was flipped when he began kindergarten! I now know why there are never any "gently used" boys clothes available at garage sales! Anything worn, on a regular basis, by any boy over 5 years old surely looks like it's been sitting at the bottom of a lake for a month. I suppose I'm lucky he waited until now to start ruining clothes. As it is, I'm thinking of making him vinyl pants.....

Not much else is happening right now. I just found out (today) that I have tendonitis in my thumb....on my right hand (I'm right-handed), which makes working interesting. But this too shall pass (hopefully with the aid of good anti-inflamatories).

For now, I'll sign to everyone soon!

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