Sunday, September 03, 2006

And then summer was over!

Many of my posts of late have been on the "heavy" side, so I thought I'd lighten things up a bit!

Last weekend, we went to the Winderemere resort on the shores of Lake of the Ozarks. Despite the weather forecast (which called for a 90 PERCENT CHANCE of thunderstorms all day Saturday), we had beautiful weather. We spent Saturday paddleboating, swimming, roasting hotdogs and just generally having a good time.

This retreat had been planned for months and I was the "organizer". To tell the truth, I was a little worried about the "deluxe" accommodations I booked for us. I have memories of church camp that include rooms with cement floors, no a/c and whatever linens mom let you take from home (or a sleeping bag). I knew ours would be a "step-up", but when the lower step is SO FAR DOWN, there is reason for concern! I was terrifically relieved when we arrived to find a very comfortable "lodge" with lovely accommodations. **phew** Plus, it was nice to take the kids someplace where there weren't scantily-clad women (who have no business being scantily-clad) and teenagers with potty mouths. We get enough of that at Walmart.

Then we came home....and it's been almost cool all week. Last night we celebrated ES's (brother-in-law) THIRTIETH birthday with dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Yes, this is the SAME Texas Roadhouse where I horrified fellow diners by falling OUT of the booth last year (they though I had a skirt was a SKORT, I promise!), but we were pleased to see that they allowed us back. Afterwards, we went to Silas and Maddys for some ice cream......and proceeded to FREEZE OUR REARS OFF outside (if only that were actually possible)!!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't August just end, like, three days ago?? Someone needs to quickly send Al Gore a memo and figure out how this works into the whole "global warming" thing.

So now it's Sunday afternoon and I'm updating the blog while MotH works on the deck. Which, of course, he's always doing these days. Oh, he did take an evening off earlier this week after being BASHED in the head by a board and having to get stitches.......but otherwise he's always out there. I am a lucky girl, however, to have a husband that is such a capable "handyman".

I, on the other hand, am hoping to live in denial long enough that the master bath will actually complete itself. You see, FIVE years ago, I began a project. My project was to remove the old, nasty blue carpet from the bathroom, replace it with ceramic tile, remove the old grout from the shower (tile surround), repaint and then bask in the glow of the amazing transformation from all I had accomplished.

So we've been without a working master bath for five years. No basking yet.

Now, you ask yourself, what would make a reasonably motivated woman like myself ignore something as obvious as an inoperable bathroom? I will sum it up with two words: tile and grout. See, I am a Christian woman. I am supposed to have a clean mouth and mind. When I work with tile and grout, I find myself with much to confess afterwards. So really, I'm saving myself from offending God.

Okay, okay.....that was a really lame excuse for why I'm avoiding the bathroom. Seriously, though. If Boeing used sanded grout to build it's aircraft, there would be no need for the "black box" (assuming it would be able to fly with all that weight).

I finished the floor last summer and it looks mighty fine, if I do say so myself (though if "pride cometh before the fall", my grout line will probably crack any day now). My work-in-progress is removing the old grout. I never would have imagined that tiny, 1/8 inch grout lines would test my will and resolve like they have. I've tried nearly every grout removal tool out there and have come to the conclusion that they all stink. The least stinky is using a grout removal tool on a Dremel, but this creates so much dust that I'm forced to breath through a haz-mat mask (while wearing a shower cap on my head). And it is s-l-o-w going! I have worked on this for probably a combined total of six hours thus far and only have the top 1/3 of two walls done!

For any of you out there considering a radical grout color, like fushia, to jazz up your bathroom.....DON'T DO IT!!!!! The pain of removing it will make you regret the decision!

Anyway, by the time we get our house ready to sell, we aren't going to want to leave! We surely won't find anything in our price range that will end up being as nice as our house. Darn the stupid busy street out front.

For now, I must run. MotH has promised AM a family bike ride this evening and I suppose my presence is required for that. I certainly need the exercise after steak, potato and ice cream last night!

Until next time...

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