Sunday, August 20, 2006

Welcome to our blog! My primary objective with this blog is to provide an easy way for those we love to follow along on our journey to China and our daughter/baby sister. However, since that is still many months away, you will also find a good smattering of everyday-type posts.

Before I begin the business of "blogging" our adventure, I wanted to fill everyone in on what's happened thus far, as well as provide a list of acronyms (which I will use frequently) and frequently used words that many of you may be unfamiliar with.

Dossier - this is the complete set of paperwork that we sent to China. It includes our petition to adopt, homestudy, medical evaluations, police reports, verification of employment, etc....

Referral - this is what we are waiting for! Our referral will be the child they match us with. We will receive the referral (as well as some photos and basic of birth, weight, current name, province, orphanage, etc...) and then travel to China approximately 6-8 weeks later.

DTC - Dossier to China. This happened back on May 26. Basically, this was when our agency sent our paperwork to China.

LID - Log in Date. This is the day that China (CCAA, see below) received our paperwork, did it's initial review and "logged" us in. This basically means that we are now "in line" for our daughter.
CCAA - China Center of Adoption Affairs. These are the people that basically determine our fate. They currently have our dossier and have "logged" us in. Eventually they will review our dossier and then match us with our daughter.

CHI - Children's Hope International. The agency we are using.

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