Monday, August 28, 2006

Time flies.

Time flies.

For us, that statement describes both a source of frustration and anticipation. We want to both clip it's wings, while at the same time hoping it has a stiff tailwind.

Frustration because I intended to keep this blog updated quite frequently, yet I find that eight days have already passed since I first posted! Where does time go (I have a sneaking suspicion that it is hiding with all the socks that get lost in the dryer)??? So many things have happened in just the last eight days, but more on that later.

Anticipation because the more time flies, the closer we are to getting our daughter/sister (although at the same time I realize that AM is growing up so fast, and that makes me sad).

I am a walking contradiction.

This past week was crazy (that's my only excuse for not posting before now). AM began kindergarten this week. I can actually say that now without feeling a rock in the pit of my stomach, or feeling slightly nauseous. Okay, I'm prone to exaggeration, but I promise that this was how I spent the first three days of last week.

AM was sooo excited to begin school. The Sunday before he started, I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. After all, he only moved from the basement of the building (where the preschool is) to the first floor. I know the whole staff and they adore AM (who wouldn't). Yet I found myself a little weepy on Wednesday. Okay, okay...a lot weepy. The pastor checked on me after the orientation meeting because I was crying...a lot. I dare ANY parent (particularly a mother) that was told their child would most likely be deaf, blind or mentally disabled NOT to cry on the day they start school. Our poor son undoubtedly has many years of his mother crying when he does what other's consider "ordinary" things.

However, AM being AM, he provided the "comic" relief I needed to bring me down off Morose Mountain. I had promised to take him out to lunch to celebrate his first day (and MotH surprised us by meeting us for lunch too) and as we enjoyed our culinary creations at McD's, he pushed back his hair and declared that his "brain already grew" because he was learning new things.

Wednesday night brought a migraine and a trip to the doctor's office. A sinus infection, along with the emotion of the day, proved to be the perfect recipe for a massive headache. I was the ultimate "party pooper" as I spent the rest of the evening in bed, while my two boys headed out for celebratory ice cream.

Thursday was relatively uneventful and we survived day TWO of kindergarten.

Friday found AM at school in the morning (where he earned a cowboy hat sticker for being "quiet" in the hallway.......he's already doing better then his mother was capable of at that age!), MotH working on the deck and me packing for our long awaited Sunday school retreat to Lake of the Ozarks.

We left Friday night and, after an obnoxiously long wait in the Peculiar, MO's (yes, that's a real town) Hardee's drive-thru, made it to LotO around 9pm. The forecast called for a 90 PERCENT CHANCE of thunderstorms all night Friday, all day Saturday and into Sunday morning. We were prepared to hunker down inside, play games and enjoy some fellowship. Luckily, God, in all His mercy, knew that having three active kids (that REALLY wanted to go on the "jumperlines".....our niece's word for trampolines.....the one's at LotO float on the water) locked in a lodge would surely trust our Christian patience and brought out the sun! We had a wonderful time playing in the lake and enjoying good friends. There is really something to be said for having a vacation where you don't have to worry about what your kids might overhear (from passerbys) or see (thanks to less-then-modest beach wear).

We got back home around 3:45 p.m. yesterday and things are now back to "normal".

Now....on to adoption news......(I need to figure out how to make a "news ticker").

Referrals came in, catching many off-guard, right before we left town for families with LID's before July 22, 2005. Typically the CCAA sends referrals out the last week of each month ("typically" is somewhat relative, since it's always subject to change, but that has been the pattern of referrals lately). Agencies usually know, a couple of days in advance, that they are on the way and can let their families know. This time, they just showed up! People are very disappointed, because they should have been able to get through more dossiers then they did with this batch. Most people really believed they would get through the end of July and perhaps even into early August. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Rumors are flying around like crazy right now. Most agencies are in agreement that the CCAA is about to issue new rules and restrictions, in an effort to decrease the number of adoptive families. The rumors I've seen most often suggest there will be further restrictions on the age of both parents (currently both parents are supposed to be under 55 years old, the new restrictions could considerably lower that age), further restrictions or elimination of the singles program (allows single women to adopt), health restrictions (including obesity), restrictions on past police records (NO infraction, no matter at what age it occured, will be allowed), restrictions on the number of kids living in the home (3), etc...

Historically, the CCAA has only enforced the new rules on dossiers not yet logged in when the changes are announced. Those that are in the "system" get a pass. However, I know of a few families that were denied in the review room (veeery unusual.....the first department is where we were logged in, the review room is the last stop before being "matched" with a referral) due to health conditions related to obesity. This has adoptive families on edge that the CCAA may apply the new rules to anyone not yet matched (that would include us). However, I want to reassure everyone that none of the new "rules" seem to effect us......though I am anxious for many of the adoptive familes that may be effected.

The next few weeks should prove to be interesting. Generally, the CCAA announces it's new rules in early fall and then they are effective at the beginning of their new adoption year (which begins Dec. 1), so we should know what will happen in the next month or so.

Meanwhile, things are still slow in the referral department and the families that have late-July LID's will have had a 14 month wait from LID to referral. This is certainly discouraging to those of us that were logged-in fairly recently, but we're hopeful that things will begin to speed up when the next adoption year begins. No idea if that will happen, but we can hope :).

Meanwhile, life goes on as normal!

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